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[PAGE 1]                                  ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
 A S T R O - D I A G N O S I S
A  G U I D E   T O   H E A L I N G
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                             ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
                                  FOREWARD		TABLE OF CONTENTS
   Of the thirty years devoted by the undersigned to research and the  study
of astrology and astro-daignosis,  a large part was spent with Max  Heindel,
first as co-student and companion and later as his wife.   A portion of  the
astro-diagnosis  in  this  book have been taken from  Mr.  Heindel's  former
monthly  lessons to esoteric students,  and this fact together with our  as-
sociation  in astrological research in the reason why this volume  goes  out
under both our names, even though he passed into the larger life in 1919.
   This book may differ in a few instances from other books which deal  with
the science of diagnosis from the planets.  The authors of this volume, how-
ever,  have had opportunities such as few other writers on this subject have
had.   The Rosicrucian Fellowship,  of which they were the founders,  has  a
very  successful healing department.   A description of the method  used  in
this department may be found on page 440.   Of the thousands of patients who
have  written to us for healing since the department started,  each one  has
sent in data describing the disease from which he suffered, its symptoms and
peculiarities,  the doctor's diagnosis,  etc.  This information was in every
case carefully compared with the patient's horoscope, and a  detailed  study
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made  of  both.   The most striking as well as typical cases  were  used  as
monthly  lessons  for the esoteric students of the Fellowship.   From  these
lessons we have chosen the best to print in this book.   At no time have  we
diagnosed direct to the patient.   His horoscope,  however,  has given us  a
wonderful key to the disease from which he was suffering and its causes, and
it has been used as a guide in giving advice regarding diet, exercise, envi-
ronment, and similar matters.
   We  do not claim that this book is the last word on the subject,  neither
do  we claim that it is infallible.  The knowledge which we have  gained  by
years of unceasing labor we are sharing with the world.   We give it freely,
and if others can add to it, we shall rejoice.
                                                     --Augusta Foss Heindel.
[PAGE 5]                                  ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
   Astro-diagnosis is the science and art of obtaining scientific  knowledge
regarding  disease and its causes as shown by the planets,  as well  as  the
means of overcoming it.  This new science of diagnosis and healing is slowly
permeating the medical world.   It is a science which will not set aside the
old  school  of medicine and diagnosis,  but it is an addition  to  the  old
school   The latter,  we feel,  will in time accept this newer  method.   At
present  many physicians are willing to cooperate with the newer schools  of
osteopathy,  nature-cure,  chiropractic, etc., and these open-minded men are
ready to accept a more advanced method of diagnosis when it has been  demon-
strated to them as reliable.
   Depending entirely upon outward symptoms in locating disease and  relying
wholly  upon the action of medicine have cost millions of lives in the  ages
past.   But man is now becoming too enlightened,  too broadminded  to  stick
stubbornly  to old methods which have been proved by many mistakes,  by  the
sacrifice  of many lives,  to be inadequate.   Medical science with its  im-
proved instruments,  the X-ray, iri-diagnosis, blood tests,  etc.,  has made
great strides toward better methods of diagnosis.   But the time is not  far
hence when it will be generally conceded that to know in advance where human
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chain is weakest,  to understand by the science of the stars where the prac-
titioner may look for trouble,  is by far the best way.   Doctors will  then
arrive  very quickly at the cause of disease,  and they will also know  what
methods  will  be best to effect a cure.  When they can use the key  to  the
soul,  the horoscope, they will find the treatment to which the patient will
respond.  They will also know the character of the patient, whether his will
is weak,  and whether he is negative or emotional.  They will then be guided
in their methods of treatment according to the information thus obtained.
   Disease  may be classed under two heads,  latent and active.   "Symptoms"
give  indication  of disease which is in process of  materializing.   Latent
tendencies  to disease are shown by the planetary afflictions in  the  horo-
scope of birth.  In some instances these tendencies may remain latent during
the entire life because the native has lived in such a manner that no strain
was  put on the body which would give the planets a chance to develop  their
latent  weakness.   If there is a weak link in a chain but no strain is  put
upon it,  the chain will remain whole.  So in the case of planetary  afflic-
tions, they too may remain latent.  But let the native abuse his body and at
once these weak spots will appear.   This gives us the second class of  dis-
ease,  the active type.   When the planetary aspects have been stirred  into
action and disease has appeared, the progressed planetary positions give the
diagnostician the key to it.
   When the medical  men,  the  scientists,  the  occult scientists, and the
[PAGE 7]                                  ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
astrologers have reached a friendly understanding,  when the budding discov-
eries  and the broader thoughts of man are no longer at variance  with  each
other,  then humanity will know that the terrors and the pain of the operat-
ing  room are things of the past.   Then buoyant health will be  universally
enjoyed, for mankind will be taught how to live in order to avoid suffering.
The  doctors will be just as anxious to keep people well as they now are  to
help them to recover from disease.   The time is not far hence,  we believe,
when the government will feel the necessity of paying doctors a yearly  sal-
ary to teach the people how to avoid the pitfalls which lead to disease.
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                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
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Foreward 					3
Introduction				5
                                   PART I.
Chapter I.
   The Anatomical and Physiological Properties
         of the Signs15
Chapter II.--Rulership and Qualities:
   Anatomy and Physiology Correlated to the
         Zodiac				27
   Pathological Qualities of the Signs		28
   Physiological Afflictions of the Signs		29
   Anatomy and Physiology Correlated to the
         Planets				30
   Pathological Qualities of the Planets		31
   Astrological Affinities of the Sense Organs	32
Chapter III.
   Sympathy and Antipathy			33
[PAGE 9]                                  ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
Chapter IV.
   The Science of Right Living			37
Chapter V.
   The Mentality				40
Chapter VI.
   The Sixth House Influences			43
Chapter VII.
   Preliminary Steps in Diagnosing		46
Chapter VIII.
   Hints and Helps for the Healer			50
Chapter IX.
   Aphorisms				54
Chapter X.
   Diagnosing from the Hands and Finger Nails	61
                                  PART II.
                          Diagnosis From Horoscopes
Chapter XI.
   A Lesson in Directing			70
[PAGE 10]                                 ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
Chapter XII.--The Ears.
   1A.--Ears and Nerves			76
   1B.--The Ears				80
   1C.--The Ears--Abscesses in Frontal Bone	85
Chapter XIII.--The Ears
   2A.--The Eyes				88
   2B: 2B.--The Eyes				92
   2C.--The Eyes				97
   2D.--Eye Trouble				100
   2E: 2F.--The Eyes				104
   2G.--The Eyes				109
   2H.--"    "				113
Chapter XIV.--The Throat
   3A: B.--Tonsils, Adenoids			116
   3C.--Throat and Tonsils			122
   3D.--Goitre; Tonsils				126
   3E.--Goitre				130
   3F.--The Vocal Organs			134
   3G.--Loss of Speech			138
Chapter XV.--The Lungs.
   4A.-- Tuberculosis				142
   4B.--    "					145
   4C.--    "					148
Chapter XVI.--The Heart.
   5A.--The Heart				152
[PAGE 11]                                 ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
   5B.--Heart; Kidneys				156
   5C.--The Heart				159
   5D.-- "   "				163
   5E.-- "   "				166
Chapter XVII.--The Stomach.
   6A.--Stomach Trouble and Tuberculosis		170
   6B.--Stomach Trouble and Inflammation of Kidneys	174
   6C.--The Pylorus				176
   6D.--Stomach and Kidney Trouble		180
Chapter XVIII.__The Kidneys
   7A.--The Kidneys				183
   7B.--The Kidneys and Mastoiditis		187
   7C.--General Breakdown			191
   7D.--Renal Calculi				195
   7E.--Renal Circulation			198
   7F.--Bladder Trouble			201
   7G.--Diabetes				204
   7H.--   "					207
Chapter XIX.--Sex
   8A: B.--Sex and Throat			211
   8C.--Sex					215
   8D: E.--Gonorrhea				221
   8F.--Veneral Disease			226
   8G.--   "      "				230
   8H.--Uterine Trouble			234
[PAGE 12]                                 ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
   8I.--Childbirth				238
   8J.--Abortion				241
Chapter XX.--The Spine.
   9A.--Spinal Trouble				245
   9B.--   "    "				249
   9C.--Tuberculosis of the Spine			253
   9D.: E.--Inability to Walk			257
Chapter XXI.--The Liver and Gall Bladder.
   10A.--The Liver				262
   10B.--Gallstones				266
   10C: D.--Gallstones				269
Chapter XXII.--The Circulation
   11A.--Palpitation of the Heart			274
   11B.--Sluggish Circulation and Cataracts		278
   11D.--Varicose Veins			282
   11E.--Restricted Circulation			286
   11F.--Pernicious Anemia			289
   11G.--Rheumatism and Impure Blood		293
   11H: I.--Rheumatism			297
Chapter XXIII.--Leprosy
   12A: B.--Leprosy				301
Chapter XXIV.--Paralysis
   13A.--Paralysis				308
   13B.--Paralysis and Hardening of the Arteries	311
[PAGE 13]                                 ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
   13C.--Facial Paralysis			315
   13D: E.--Paralysis				319
   13F.--Infantile Paralysis			323
   13G.--Rickets and Tetany			327
   14A: B.--Nervous Breakdown and Paralysis	330
   14C: D.--Defective Walk			335
   14E.--Exaggerated Hysteria			340
   14F.--Obstruction of the Pneumogastric Nerve	343
Chapter XXVI.--The Bones.
   15A.--Injury to Femur			347
   15B.--Arthritic Muscular Atrophy		350
   15C.--Ostemyelitis--Inflammation of Marrow of Bone	354
Chapter XXVII.--Spirit Control
   16A.--Spirit Control				358
   16B.--Obsession; Tonsils			362
Chapter XXVIII.--The Ductless Glands.
   17A: B.--Thyroid Gland Trouble		366
   17C.--The Thymus Gland			371
   17D.--The Adrenals				375
Chapter XXIX.--Special Conditions.
   18A.--Deficiency in Lymph			380
   18B.--Polypi and Kidney Trouble		384
[PAGE 14]                                 ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS A GUIDE TO HEALING
   18C.--Pyorrhea				387
   18D.--Auto Intoxication			391
   18E.--Peritonitis				394
   18F.--Arterio-Sclerosis			398
   18G.--Typhoid and Spinal Trouble		402
   18H.--Narcotics; Cigarettes			406
Chapter XXX.--Insanity
   19A.--A Mental Case			410
   19B.--Insanity				414
   19C.--Insanity, Obsession, and Tuberculosis	417
Chapter XXXI.--Asthma
   20A.--Asthma				421
   20B.--Asthma,; Morphine Addiction		424
   20C: D: E.--Asthma				428
Chapter XXXII.--Cancer
   21A.--Cancer				433
   21B.--Cancer				436
Chapter XXXIII.--Rosicrucian Healing.
   How the Rosicrucians Heal the Sick		440