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The Gateway of Understanding by Carl August Wickland M.D. - 1861 - 1945




TRANSITION in itself does not necessarily change the mental attitude since death is only a sleep and an awakening. As patients, suffering from some ailment, may have periods of sleep during which they are unaware of their condition but waken to find themselves in the same state of sickness, so also may sick individuals when they sleep out of the physical body through "death" waken and, at first unaware of their new situation, still retain the habits of their sickness and continue in the same mental attitude as formerly for an indefinite period until enlightened.


Such entities may in their wanderings become attracted to mortal sensitives and unwittingly convey their thoughts to these individuals. The victims, unaware of the source of their impressions, may suffer physical agony corresponding to the disease from which the spirits had passed out. Permanent relief in some cases can only be attained by dislodging the spirits.


Mrs. B., of Kansas City, had for many years been an invalid, suffering from an unaccountable heart trouble and swollen feet. Failing to secure relief from the medical profession she had taken up Christian Science, but to no avail, and finally she came to California for a change of climate.


While she was in an hotel here, a friend, without telling Mrs. B. of her intention, asked us to do what we could for the invalid, and after concentrating for her Mrs. Wickland became controlled during a circle by a spirit who said she had been through a very severe sickness but had become well again; she was now with a lady who traveled a great deal and it seemed she had to go with her.


She stated she had been troubled with a heart affliction, suffered from swollen ankles and severe pains in her legs





and could never get shoes which fitted properly. The doctor had told her she could not live long and her family, understanding she was frail and sickly, had let her have her own way and did not interfere with her.


She claimed she had always had all the money she wanted and could go wherever she pleased but had to be very careful on account of heart trouble. Lately she had traveled a long way and since then had been living in an hotel.


She said she had studied Christian Science for some time, hoping to be relieved of her aches and pains but, although she understood a great deal about it, she had not been helped, therefore she had come to the conclusion that she was not in the right understanding.


She gave her name, Paulina French, saying she was born in Liverpool, England, and was twenty-seven years old, June 7, 1909.


She lived in New York and St. Louis; when she became ill she decided to go to a sanitarium near Kansas City, but could not remember whether she ever reached the sanitarium as she was taken so seriously ill on the train she seemed to sink into a coma state.


Then she suddenly became well (died) but seemed to be a double personality, sometimes being herself and at other times another lady, whom they called Mrs. B.


When told she was at that moment controlling the body of another she asked where the lady was whose body she was occupying and what had become of her mind.


Explanation followed that the mind of the psychic was in a state of abeyance during the time her body was controlled by an invisible entity, that mind is invisible, intangible and unlimited and when the spirit is permanently withdrawn from the body, the body dies, but there is no death for the spirit.


She was told that higher intelligences would help her attain knowledge and wisdom, and the entity then departed.


A few weeks later Mrs. B. was relieved of a second entity after which she fully regained her health and returned home, where she resumed her social activities. During our fifteen years of correspondence, her letters have been happy





and cheerful with no allusion to any recurrence of her former ailments.


Many persons who receive impressions foreign to their own normal way of thinking believe something is wrong with the brain, and, in fear of becoming insane, commit suicide, whereas, if the fact of spirit interference were known, such mishaps could be prevented.


That this inter-action between spirits and mortals is not a mere hypothesis but a serious reality and of frequent occurrence, can readily be ascertained by the medical scientist who will with unprejudiced mind follow up requisite research.


Spirit influence ranges from mere impression to actual possession, as happens in many cases. Purity of life and motive, or high intellectuality do not necessarily offer immunity from obsession; recognition and knowledge of these problems are the only safeguards.


Regarding such invisible influence Mrs. M. T. Longley wrote in "The Spirit World": "To say that no spirit can obsess or annoy, or in any way seriously discommode or injure a mortal, is to talk with foolishness. Those who persist in such statements are blinded to the very forces of nature, to the operations of the elements of human life, to the condition of human beings in every nation upon the globe. They are blinded to facts which can be readily perceived if they will only lay aside their preconceived opinions and prejudices and come to a close study of the subject."


"If a spirit obsesses a mortal for any length of time it may be difficult for a spirit teacher or a physician on either side of life to immediately disengage that parasite, and why? For this reason: That all the forces and elements directed by the persistent will of the spirit entity have imbedded themselves in the magnetic aura of the (mortal)—the aura is permeated by them—and to rudely tear away (so to speak) the encroaching spirit would be to injure, most fatally perchance, the sensitive."


"Such a procedure might destroy the physical body, or it might very easily drive the mortal sensitive insane. Therefore the work must be done... with systematic order... in such manner... as will help to... eliminate the coarse and objectionable foreign elements from the aura





of the sensitive, and thus... detach the spirit operator, and draw him from the sensitive, leaving the latter in a condition by which he may be strengthened and brought up to a state of happiness, health and peace."


Dr. Tomlinson, while Superintendent of the St. Peter Insane Asylum, St. Peter, Minnesota, stated, in a report to the Annual Convention of the American Medical Association, that of sixty cases which had there been given special observation, in forty-three cases auditory hallucinations occurred; in eighteen cases, visual; in fifty-one, ideas of persecution distorted the mind. Confusion was the early symptom in nearly all cases, accompanied by suspicion, dread and fear. Religiosity was practically always present.


"In thirteen cases," he reported, "the persecutory ideas led to aggressive resentment toward those to whom the voices heard and the acts anticipated were attributed. In twenty-two cases, on the contrary, the voices heard and the things seen, prompted seclusion instead."


The symptoms quoted by Dr. Tomlinson clearly indicate interference by discarnated spirits, the "auditory hallucinations" being due to clairaudience, the "visual," to clairvoyance. "Ideas of persecution" are caused by the patient being tormented by ignorant, mischievous spirits; in "confusion, suspicion, dread and fear" the patient's thoughts are impregnated by thoughts emanating from spirits; "religiosity" is due to the presence of spirits that are fanatical regarding religion. Research has shown that interfering entities seek "seclusion" in order to maintain their hold on the victim.


When psychiatrists will recognize the above stated agencies in mental aberrations and will follow up the necessary sincere and unprejudiced research they will then be able to obtain positive evidence that discarnated spirits are definite contributing factors in insanity, and, incidentally, will also prove the survival of the ego.


Professor C. E. Turner of the department of biology and public health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in a report to the American Physical Education Association, stated: "At the present rate, more public school children will go to insane hospitals than will go to college. In the hospitals of the United States there are more patients





suffering from mental disease than from all other diseases combined."


A recent report issued by The Human Betterment Foundation, of Pasadena, California, summarizes statistics regarding insanity as follows: "This, then, is the situation which America faces now: 18,000,000 persons who are or at some time during life will be burdened by mental disease or mental defect, and in one way or another a charge and tax upon the rest of the population. It challenges every thoughtful person. The misery resulting from this insanity and feeble-mindedness provides the first reason for grappling with the problem. No stratum of society is immune from such suffering."


Rodney H. Brandon, director of the Illinois State Department of Public Welfare says: "The mentally unsound and delinquent in Illinois institutions are increasing far faster than the population; already they number 25,000; and about 50 per cent of all general property taxes collected by the state is used to care for them.... Mental unsoundness in Illinois heads the list of all those causes which bring unhappiness to the general public."


While it is true that wonderful advancement has been made in the science of psychiatry yet psychiatrists are still amiss in their refusal to recognize the impingment of ignorant, discarnated spirits in the various psychoses, a knowledge of which would greatly enhance the number of cures and establish a scientific understanding of what becomes of the dead and of their activities in human affairs.


A man, aged fifty, was brought to us in Chicago, from Minneapolis, by his brother, a son, and a doctor. The case had been diagnosed as senile dementia and pronounced incurable by the physician in charge, who considered it folly for us to undertake to do anything for the patient, saying the proper place for him was the asylum, as he was hopelessly insane.


While the condition of the patient seemed to warrant the doctor's prognosis, the history of the patient's former practices indicated to us the possibility of spirit interference. In the hope of receiving a message from his wife, who had died a short time previously, the patient had resorted to automatic writing, a practice which is, from our





observation, a dangerous procedure for a novice who is ignorant of the laws which must be followed in order to avoid mishap.


Interested in the case from this angle, we determined to see what could be done for the patient. He proved very unruly, used coarse, vulgar language and attempted to run away at every opportunity, having to be watched very closely.


In the evening a bath was administered, first warm then cold spray, which acted as a shock to the patient, or rather to the entity controlling him; he swore and shouted, "What in hell are you trying to do?"


With this, the entity lost control, the patient became his normal self and asked in great surprise, "Where am I?" He remained normal until four o'clock the following morning when he was again controlled by a spirit who endeavored to jump through a window and run away. He was forced to lie down and the condition again changed.


The symptoms then presented were those of a person in a drunken stupor. The controlling entity said, "I am John; I'm thirsty. Get me a drink!"


This spirit had been known to the patient in life and had died of delirium tremens. He had communicated with the patient through the automatic writing experiments, demanding that he get whiskey for him, but the patient, being a temperate man, had refused to do so.


"He would not get whiskey for me," the spirit said, "but now I've got him!"


We reasoned with the entity and he finally departed, after which the patient slept quietly. However, when he came to breakfast the next morning he seemed speechless; mild static electricity was applied but without effect. After increasing the current, the patient began to utter guttural sounds and make motions with his hands, as if he were a deaf and dumb person.


This spirit being dislodged, the patient once more became himself and identified the spirit as a distant relative who had been deaf and dumb; he also had communicated with him through automatic writing.


The patient remained normal throughout the day and





enjoyed a social gathering in our home that evening. The following day he showed an ugly disposition, attempted violence and made a desperate effort to run away. A static treatment was applied, the spirit was dislodged and the patient regained his mental poise. There were no further disturbances by interfering entities; the patient experienced great fatigue but during a month's stay, fully recuperated.


After his return home, while attending a ball game, he met the doctor who had declared him incurably insane and the latter was amazed at the patient's recovery.


The last letter received from the patient, ten years later, stated he had had no recurrence of his former trouble.


Another case brought to our attention in Chicago was that of an imbecile, a girl of twenty-two, who was unruly, obstinate and destructive, could not speak coherently, was unable to conform to customary table manners, opposed so strenuously being bathed that four persons were required to administer a bath, and required constant observation and care.


When strangers visited the family, the girl would stamp her feet and swear, although she had never heard swearing as her parents were religious and lived in the country where the girl had no occasion to hear such profanity as she used.


According to the early history of the case, the girl had been normal until the age of two and a half years and could walk and talk. At that time she had one severe convulsion after which she was not able to talk coherently, was unable to walk again until seven years old, cried a great deal and needed constant attention. During the intervening years there had been no improvement, her development remaining in abeyance.


After a period of medical attention and electrical treatment, an interesting experience occurred. During a concentration circle, attended by two sisters of the patient, Mrs. Wickland became controlled by a spirit who gave his name and stated he had been a friend of the girl's father in the latter's birthplace, a foreign country; in later years he was a neighbor of the family in Wisconsin.


The spirit explained that, unaware of being dead, he had unwittingly been attracted to the child and could not free





himself from her. When anyone visited the family he wanted to make his situation known but could not express himself, hence he would stamp his feet and swear.


He also stated he objected to baths when they were administered by women, saying, "Would you expect a man to allow himself to be given a bath by four women?"


The patient's sisters confirmed the statement of the spirit concerning his name and their father's birthplace, as well as the fact that he had been their neighbor in Wisconsin, where he had died many years before.


After freeing this spirit there was a decided change in the girl for the better.


No education had been possible during her years of obsession therefore she had to be taught much as a child. She became very observant, learned correct table manners, took her own bath, helped with the housework, learned to talk, played with children and could be sent on errands. Where previously she had objected to treatments and medical attention, she was now eager to come to the office.


Altogether a marked improvement was shown in the case, incidentally verifying the fact that discarnated spirits may be a contributing factor in imbecility and other cases of feeble-mindedness.


In a recent convention of the American College of Surgeons at Chicago, Dr. George Crile, of Cleveland, is quoted by the press as saying: "We may confidently expect that science will disclose the nature of life and with it the physical nature of mind and personality." Such an hypothesis intimates that when the body ceases to act, mind and personality become non-existent.


If the modern skeptics, who maintain that death means annihilation and therefore ends all, could realize the serious consequences of such teachings they would indeed hesitate before coming to these rash conclusions.


Death does not end all; transition is only like stepping out of an old garment; it does not in any way change the mental attitude or condition.


The "death ends all" doctrine encourages many perturbed persons to conclude that the easiest way out of their difficulties is to plunge over the brink of the supposed





"unknown" by committing suicide with the idea that by this act their troubles will be ended forever. But suicide does not do this; it only plunges the person from light into darkness, much as an individual is left in darkness when he loses his physical eyesight. The suicide merely shuts himself out from contact with the external; his mind is more disturbed than before.


Many remain in this condition for years, ignorant of spiritual laws and even unaware of being spirits, since they find themselves in possession of a spirit body which they mistake for a physical one. Nor does this free the spirit from an accusing conscience, if his life has not been right; the new conditions only add to his mental torment.


Such spirits, hovering about the earthplane, may often be the indirect cause of unpremeditated suicides, for, not realizing that they have already succeeded in separating themselves from their physical bodies, they persist in striving to "end their lives" and becoming enmeshed in the auras of mortal sensitives, they convey to the latter their own gloomy thoughts and a sudden impulse to "end it all." Many a person who suffers from such strange impressions, (the "confusional" symptoms listed by Dr. Tomlinson) concludes he is going insane and determines to commit suicide.


Were abnormal psychology thoroughly understood, a person receiving such impressions would be able to analyze the absurdity of his impulses and, realizing that they were due to some discarnated entity who had transferred, perhaps unintentionally, his own disturbed mental condition to the sensitive mortal, he would avoid committing any rash act.


Such spirit influence is illustrated in the following case, contacted through the psychic instrumentality of Mrs. Wickland during an experimental seance.


The controlling spirit was in great anguish and confusion, which is to be expected consequent to an act such as she described. For obvious reasons full names of persons and places have been omitted. The conversation held with the spirit follows:


Dr. Wickland Tell us, friend, where you came from. You evidently do not understand your condition. You





have lost your physical body but do not realize it. You are now a spirit, temporarily in possession of a body not your own. What is your name?


Spirit          B. K.

Dr.             How long have you been dead?

Sp.            (Hysterically.) Forgive me, A.! Oh, forgive me!

Dr.             Calm yourself and we will help you understand your condition.

Sp.            Oh, I didn't mean to kill myself!

Dr.             Did you take your own life?

Sp.            Yes. (Crying distractedly.)

Dr. You did not destroy your spirit, you only destroyed your body. You are now a free spirit but you need understanding. Do not doubt what I tell you. This is not your body.

Sp.            Forgive me, forgive me, oh, A.!

Dr.             Where was your home?

Sp.            In S. P.

Dr.             How long since you passed out of your own body?

Sp.            Oh, what is the matter?

Dr.             You are in the dark.

Sp.            I can see my mother crying all the time.

Dr.             On what street did you live in S. P.?

Sp.            F. Avenue.

Dr.             What number?

Sp.            I can't remember. (Crying.)

Dr.             Calm yourself. We can help you. Tell us everything. Sp.       I didn't do it.

Dr.             Who did it? What happened to you?

Sp.            I can't tell.

Dr.            I am asking in your interest. What did you do? You must know something about it.

Sp.            I was so muddled. Now I don't know what to do. Mother! Mother!





Dr.            Try to collect yourself and listen to me. We can help you if you will become quiet.

Sp.            Poor A.!

Dr.             Who is A.?

Sp.            He's my husband. I love him so. If I could only get to him. Dr.          What did you do?

Sp. No, no, I did not do it! There were so many people (obsessing spirits) and I was so muddled. I was sick. I don't know why but I see only strange people.

Dr.             What do they do?

Sp.            I don't know.

Dr.             Do they talk to you?

Sp.            I was so tormented by them (earthbound spirits) that I could not stand it any longer.

Dr.             What did you do?

Sp. I was so sick. My poor husband and mother! They are mourning and mourning. I got free, and now I can't tell them I am free. I am so sick and worried.

Dr. All this excitement does not help you. Be calm and we can help you. Sp. Why do these people (spirits) around me drive me away from home? Dr. What do they say?

Sp.            They torment me. They stand there and laugh and laugh at me. They

say all kinds of strange things. (Spirit became hysterical.)

Dr.             Friendly spirits have brought you here and you must do your part. Try

to understand your situation.

Sp.            I didn't do it! I didn't do it! Those people around me made me do it. Dr.       What did you do?

Sp.            I shot myself. (While controlled by earthbound spirits.)





Dr.            You are not dead; you are still alive. No one ever actually "dies." You only drove yourself out of your body.

Sp.            They haunted me so!

Dr.             Who?

Sp.            All those people.

Dr.             They are ignorant spirits. Would you like to remain in this condition? Sp.      Oh, no!

Dr.             Do you want to be helped?

Sp.            Yes.

Dr.             Then be quiet and calm yourself.

Sp.            Oh, A.! Mother! I was so sad and so sick!

Dr. You threw yourself into the invisible world and not having any understanding you are now in the dark. You must be willing to attain understanding of the laws of progression in the spirit world. Are you listening?

Sp.            Yes, but I am so weak.

Dr. Determine to be strong. Listen to the intelligent spirits who will gladly help you. They will take you to the spirit world and teach you better things. Do you understand?

Sp.            Yes.

Dr.            Look around and you will find kindly spirits who will teach you how to overcome your present condition.

Sp.            Will those people go away? (Earthbound spirits.)

Dr.             They will not bother you any more. There are many others who will

help you. Look around for Silver Star, a little Indian girl, (spirit) who

helps spirits in trouble.

Sp.            Look at that beautiful light! God help me and give me understanding

and light! I did not mean to do it. I love my husband and my home. But

I went away into the hills. God help me!

Dr.             You will receive help but you must not become





so excited. You saw a beautiful light a moment ago. God's messengers are here to help you.

Sp.            I have suffered so. I have constantly seen my husband and mother, both very sad and crying. Oh, God help me!

Dr.             Spirit friends will show you better things.

Sp.            I want peace of mind. I want peace!

Dr.             You will find it.

Sp.            Why should I be tormented so terribly?

Dr.             You were evidently a psychic sensitive but did not know it. Sp.        God help me!

Dr. You must understand your condition. Spirit friends are the messengers of God and they will help you. They will teach you how to attain an understanding of God.

Sp.            (Psychic vision opening.) Look at those beautiful things! Look! Some one says I will have to serve others.

Dr.            We cannot live for ourselves alone. You feel that in your heart, do you not?

Sp.            Yes.

Dr.             Now you must go with the spirit friends.

Sp.            I see such a beautiful girl (spirit) and she says, "Come with me." Dr.  She will help you.

Sp.            Can I have peace in my heart? I was so notional.

Dr.             You can, if you control that excitement. Learn the meaning of life.

Sp.            My conscience hurts me so much. See the sorrow I have caused. I go

home but they cannot understand that I am suffering. Dr.       Obtain understanding in the new life, and progress.

Sp.            My conscience bothers me.

Dr.            You must appease your conscience by serving others. Invisible friends will help you.





Sp.            Can I go with them? I am so tired; I want to rest.

Dr.            Go with these kind friends. You will be taught to overcome self and you will find the light.

Sp.            Will you ask my husband and mother to forgive me?

Dr.             Perhaps we can communicate with them.

Sp.            Now I will go. Thank you for helping me.


The spirit then departed. This entity and her history were entirely unknown to us but her story was afterward fully corroborated by her husband.

A warning against the folly of self-destruction was given through Mrs. Wickland by the spirit of a young woman who had ended her earthlife while extremely despondent. In the physical this young woman had refused to believe in obsession although her mother frequently warned her of the danger of spirit interference. This spirit spoke at a seance which the mother attended.


Spirit Mother, I wanted to come to you today to let you know I am with you to help and guide you. I can help you so much better now than I could when I was here with you because I have learned the lesson of overcoming selfishness and jealousy.

"Those were my worst faults but now I have learned to understand what love, true love, which each one should have, means. But I had to go through trouble and sorrow to understand that. Since I left you I have gone through much suffering in overcoming my difficulties."

"You realize, Mother, that I did not commit that act. (Self destruction.) Some spirit did the deed through me."

Mother I knew, my dear, that it was caused by obsession.







Sp.            I was not myself; I was obsessed but I did not realize that until it was too late.

(To the audience.) "Do not let any influences whisper to you to commit such an act. Be strong and overcome."

"Do you know the consequences of taking your own life? I wish I could impress them firmly on your minds." "When you have committed suicide, you stand there, looking at your own body and you cannot, cannot, control it again. You thought you were in trouble before, but now—!"

"What misery to see your body lying there and realize that because of your own deed you can never control it again!"

"You see people in great distress standing around your body; your relatives are crying and you are helpless. You are left alone, in darkness, because you took your own life. You are alone with your thoughts."

"There is no death; the spirit lives on after dissolution takes place."

"I wish to emphasize that if troubles come to you, do not shun them; face them. Be brave and do all you can to meet them. Do not destroy your physical body. Do not be a coward and run away from trouble."

"Learn to live rightly. Your sorrow is only a phase through which your are passing. There is beauty around you if you will only look for

"Today, Mother, I am very happy, for I have overcome much, Good-bye."


Only an understanding of the laws pertaining to the life here and hereafter can relieve the distorted minds of suicide spirits and enable them to progress in the spirit world.





"Except ye... become as little children" (assume the childlike spirit, eager to learn) "ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3.) These spirits must cease acting according to self-will and apply themselves to obtaining knowledge of the laws of life. A self-centered mental attitude prevents intelligent spirits from reaching them; these are eager to help and they may in some instances be able to shorten the misery of the suffering ones.


A comprehension of the various phases of the next life while here would train humanity to go through earth life patiently and by so doing, the entry, at the appointed time, into the World Beyond will be one of happiness leading to progression.




Tell me not, in mournful numbers Life is but an empty dream!

For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem.


Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.


Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or way; But to act, that each tomorrow Finds us farther than today.


Art is long, and Time is fleeting,

And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave.


In the world's broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strife!





Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant! Let the dead Past bury its dead! Act, act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o'erhead!


Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time;


Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main,

A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.


Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.




Michael Faraday, distinguished English physicist and chemist of the Royal Institute, had refused, while in earth life, to recognize Psychic Research but upon entering the Spirit World realized his error and became interested in the inter­relationship of the physical and spirit worlds. In a spirit communication from Faraday, detailed observations on obsession are given from the spirit viewpoint.


"Not one in ten thousand enter the spirit realm with any true ideas of its realities. Thrown upon its shores like ship-wrecked mariners upon an unknown coast, without information or conception of its conditions, they drift in their thoughts and feelings to the only state of life in which they have ever perceived sensation and find themselves within the atmosphere of the earth to which they cling with nearly as much tenacity as though living in the physical body and seek no other pleasure than to still live there."...





"This tendency to gravitate to the earth plane is the primary cause of the phenomena of obsession... fraught with consequences of grave importance to those still living in physical life. The mental vibratory action of these spirits is transmitted with great energy upon the brains of... mortals."...


"The involuntary transmission of power through electric action compels spirits out of or in the body to influence each other, according to the grade of atomic action of the elements composing the different organisms. Here is a power which the will of the strongest cannot always control, even when he knows of its existence. How much less then, one who has no knowledge of its true nature and who is involuntarily exerting his will through it, upon those whom he has no idea of affecting as he really does!"


"The involuntary action of the will of the spirit affects the recipient of earth through the electrical force.... All organisms are the result of certain combinations of the elements and that motion of the atoms comprising them is ever subject to electric energy; in fact electric action itself is this motion transmitted from one combination to another. Consequently if the same degree of atomic action can be induced in two different organisms the thought evolved will be identical; and as thought is a manifestation of the real force of the spirit in its action in either world, it follows the law of equilibrium when two minds approach each other."


"When spirits intensely desire to accomplish their wishes, the influence of such desire reaches some sensitive mind, awakening a like desire with an intensity proportionate to the will force exerted. If the spirit is ignorant of truth or destitute of moral principles, his will power is directed subject to the ruling motive of his mind and the victim will be impressed to do and think differently from his own better judgment. The only effectual remedy for such delusions is to instruct the victim as to the nature of the source of his ideas."


"The recipient of these influences... never dreams that he is obeying the will of unseen beings who may often unconsciously act upon his mind for the accomplishment of Their desires. When people are swayed by an irresistible





impulse to commit unlawful acts and to express irrational ideas at the command of a supposed voice of God, they are victims of deceiving spirits whose thought impulses affect them, whether they are aware of them or not."


"The world is subject to the influence of mental conditions which must ever act and react upon its inhabitants with inevitable results. There can be no escape from the influence of minds who dwell in the realms of spiritual darkness except by their elevation and instruction in the laws of spiritual progress; and even then their power to influence is not lost but changes its direction to the production of happiness instead of misery."


"Because of this law, advanced spirits have for centuries striven to reach earth with truth concerning the nature of spirit. They have been thwarted in their efforts by those upon both sides of life who, for selfish purposes, are desirous to propagate old ideas as truth, and on account of their position as leaders have refused to recognize the true source of evil."


"The Principle of Spirit Obsession is so little understood that the involuntary phases of it are generally misunderstood or denied by those who are its victims. To obtain a correct, or even partial comprehension of its nature, the world must first be instructed in the basic principles of spiritual science. Man must learn that mental powers are transmissible between the two realms (spiritual and physical) and that the mental status of spirits or mortals is never higher than its natural development."


"Hence to expect that spiritual ideas are necessarily truthful because their source is traceable to those living beyond the mortal state, is a grave error. The myriads who have passed to the world of spirits can no more transmit ideas of a higher, or even of a different character, from those evolved in their own mentality, than a child in mortal life can comprehend the problems of the advanced sciences before he has learned the alphabet."


"Superstitious spirits are great obstacles to a correct understanding of the Spiritual Philosophy and the importance of Spiritual Phenomena. They have not advanced to the plane of mental action, they exert a powerful influence



and shadow the earth with a power of will indescribable in earthly language."...


"A serious error of mankind has been to regard ideas coming from a spiritual source as emanating from the Deity. Hence the delusions of religion, politics, and often of business and social life which sway the minds of many, to their discomfiture if the results are contradictory to the promises made."


"Should it be well understood by the earth people that spirit intercourse is not of a religious nature the delusions which arise from it would pass away. This result is so much feared by those minds who wish to retain their control over the superstitious that they oppose the dissemination of this knowledge upon earth while multitudes of ignorant victims, both on earth and in spirit life, are so much under their will power that they offer little opposition."


"Besides the involuntary psychological power of those spirits who believe knowledge of spirit life is detrimental to mankind is added the hostility of designing spirits to such an extent as to largely prevent truthful ideas from the spirit world from exerting much influence on earth."...


"God has made no law forbidding mankind to know of its destiny... Obsession is the result of a natural law which exists in the relationship of spiritual and mortal conditions, its effects will ever be manifested whether understood or not. Humanity on earth will suffer and persons in spirit life will excite their malign or benign influence in direct proportion as their own development enables them to rise above the plane of deception or error."


"Truth alone is the remedy for all forms of evil and knowledge of truth the only panacea for the woes of a spiritual nature."


That ignorant or mischievous discarnated spirits play a serious role as contributing factors in insanity, unaccountable crimes, immorality, invalidism, suicides and other mental aberrations—is no longer a theory or hypothesis but may easily be verified by unprejudiced scientists and truth-seekers. Investigators should be willing to make such research unhampered by any preconceived notion, beliefs or disbeliefs, but determine to ascertain facts and with open





minds allow the Invisible World to carry out its own revelations. Findings may then be analyzed according to reason.


By a system of transfer, under the guidance of intelligent co-operating spirits, obsessing entities may be attracted from a victim and allowed to temporarily control a properly trained psychic intermediary and through direct contact with the entity evidence may be obtained proving that some discarnated spirit, whose identity can often be verified, has been a contributing factor in the psychosis.


This transference is facilitated by the use of static electricity which, while harmless to the patient, is an important adjunct, for the obsessing spirit cannot long resist such electrical treatment and is dislodged.


After such transference of psychoses the victims will be relieved and the obsessing entities can be reached by the advanced spirits who will care for them and instruct them regarding the higher laws of life.


It is not to be understood that the transference of a spirit to a psychic sensitive is necessary as a general means of procedure in treating all cases of mental aberration but only where it is desired to obtain scientific data relative to spirit interference, although a good psychic is of great importance in assisting in diagnosis.


If state and other mental institutions would follow up this line of research, much that is at the present time mystifying and perplexing in psycho-pathology would be revealed.


These statements are not a matter of mere belief but facts learned from the observations of more than forty years of research, carried on independent of ism or cult, to ascertain the underlying causes of what are often baffling conditions in psychological and psychiatrical research.