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The Gateway of Understanding by Carl August Wickland M.D. - 1861 - 1945


Dangers of Occult Practices


ABSURD as it would be for a butterfly, had it reasoning powers when freed from its chrysalis and finding itself in a new and more perfect state of existence, to fail to recognize the importance of the humble pathway it has traveled to attain the new condition, so also admittedly absurd are the assertions of those who, assuming they have attained "Reality" or "Oneness with the Universal Spirit," declare the physical universe and earth life to be of no importance.


These persons are like the youths who go through school and college, then assume an air of superior knowledge and attainment; they become ashamed of their parents and ignore them; oftentimes neglecting those who perhaps have struggled greatly to give them the opportunities of education.


Such reasoning is merely superficial sophistry, and fails to recognize that the materiality into which the spirit is born is the school in which the mind first gropes in ignorance but, by means of the five senses and through many experiences and travail in the physical conditions, which are transient to the spirit but necessary factors for the unfoldment of consciousness and discernment of the spiritual self apart from the material, at last slowly and intelligently recognizes its goal.


This goal is a realization of oneness with Reality and that, while the elements of spirit are not of mortal mold, but invisible and intangible, it is necessary for the spirit to pass through the state of the transient physical before it gradually emerges into realization of the spiritual.


How could the spirit find itself except through experience in the physical universe? Consistency is indeed a jewel. Why stultify Reason, which is the hand­maid of Intelligence?





Why not take in the whole gamut of Life's Play, recognizing therein the wise forethought of the Over-Ruling Principle, or Governing Intelligence of the Universe, which foresaw that were the ego, or spirit, to be originally born into a state of perfection it would be unconscious of its heavenly or perfect estate, having had no other experience.


Hence the Creator in his wisdom brought about an external plane, or school of limitations, wherein the embryonic spirit is born and is allowed to follow its own devices for a time. Through contacting the illusive appearances, pain, disappointment and disillusionment all contribute to unfold the thinking faculty and a discernment of the right and wrong principles.


This discernment in turn will gradually culminate in wisdom which admonishes the spirit that all material things are only a means to an end. "As the moon has phases, although what they indicate are not real, so the different phenomena from birth to death belong to the body and not to the soul."


Through the material the unconscious spirit, as it enters the mortal, ultimately becomes cognizant that the spirit, while in the physical, is yet not of the physical, but conscious recognition of itself as Intelligence is arrived at through the physical, and thus is each individual destined to slowly acquire a realization of oneness with the Source of its being. "The fear of the Lord" (conscience) "is the beginning of wisdom." (Psalms 111:10.)


The Prodigal Son allegorically represents this process of the soul becoming involved in transient phenomena and following its own devices until it realizes that something is lacking. Through intelligence and reason it senses an indefinable urge to return to the Father—the Great Source—and is then better able to appreciate the Divine Plan.


When the infant in the mortal school arrives at a suitable age he enters the kindergarten, then through the successive stages of primary school, high school and university unfolds the intellect and broadens his views of various problems, usually concerning matters belonging to the physical.


Would the graduate, his consciousness having expanded and outgrown the lower grades, be justified in denying, for





those coming after, the necessity for the grades through which he has acquired his advanced mental state?


Mental Scientists, in their eagerness to attain the "Real," strive to repudiate even the faculty of mind through the very use of which they are gradually stepping out of the difficult school of experience and beginning to partly awaken to the fact that the spirit is the real individuality, and yet in their blindness they attempt to relegate that wonderful faculty of mind to the limbo of myth.


Some schools go to the extreme of asserting that our mortal mind, consciousness, perceives only a notion of a tree, that there is in reality no tree at all, but only a false image created by the mind. This idea is carried to the extent of declaring that even if the tree were to fall and kill an individual it would still be only the notion of a tree, his own belief, that killed the man.*


Others teach that the mortal mind is an unreality and that the natural things, as the ordinary mortal discerns them, have no existence in reality.


Eliminate the mind from an individual and what have we left? An idiot, an imbecile or what not. These enthusiasts seem to forget, or fail to comprehend, that that which they call the "mortal mind" is a part of the ego, that faculty which goes out to explore and receives knowledge, the activity of which is a matter of directivity.


As the mind may at one moment go out through the physical sense organs into external observations and activities in the school of life, so it may also withdraw, retreat from the objective into the inner sense and meditate upon problems pertaining to the spiritual. Yet it is the same mind; its action is only a matter of changed directivity.


No experience can be bought nor can the experience of one be transferred to another, yet many apparently fail to comprehend that others following them in the pathway of life require the same schooling they have received, similar lessons and experiences, in order to reach the same understanding as those who have attained realization, for they teach that material things are only mental illusions to be ignored as having no existence or reality, and that spirit is


* See "Business man of Syria," Stocking—Totheroh, Pages 30, 31.





all. Thereby they strive to force ignorant and inexperienced minds to comprehend that which really belongs to a higher degree of mental unfoldment.


It is as if they were to say that the school in which they had received instruction is not to be entered by others; that while the kindergarten and other grades of school had been useful to them they are not necessary for others who are beginning their education.


Is it not evident that kindergarten and early training are necessary for all as a preliminary to the upper grades? Just so has nature provided what may be termed the A-B-C School of Life for all. As the various grades of school, from kindergarten to the university, are all essential factors in cultivating and enlightening the mind regarding the more material phase of existence, so likewise is the mental school of experience, relating to the intellectual and spiritual phase of our being, obviously a necessity.


These truths should be inculcated from earliest infancy all through life. Hence a part of the curriculum in all schools I jointly with training concerning the physical aspect of existence, should be devoted to this latter phase, not taught as a dogma for any pretended salvation but to lead the individual out of ignorance into a concept of the motive of life higher than merely the material.


Self-analysis will slowly evolve the realization that while we are exercising the faculties of thinking which belong to the mind, the mind is manifesting through the body, yet it is not of the body. The body is an instrument for the soul as the piano is an instrument for harmony and music. As the piano is not the music so is the body not the soul. "Form is an external expression of internal attributes." (Hartmann.)


If we analyze ourselves, the various organs or the brain, in no part of the physical organism can the abode of consciousness be found in objective form. Compared with the physical there is nothing objective about consciousness; it is intangible and formless, its perception is limited or unlimited according to its non-use or its use. "It is the mind that is really alive and sees things yet it hardly sees anything without preliminary instruction." (Cbarcot.) It may be semidormant or it may encompass, in the spirit of understanding, figuratively speaking, the entire universe.





Cicero said in "Contempt of Death.... The soul is pure, perfect; it can escape easily through the air and break through it; it is swiftest, that it in reality sees and hears although eyes and ears are its windows... The proper habitation of the soul is pure ether and not the body; it is self-moved, eternal... I would swear that the soul... is divine."


As knowledge of science, such as higher mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, the many marvels of physics, etc., cannot be inherited but must be mastered and perceived by each individual, so an understanding of spiritual things must be acquired by each individual through his own faculties of discernment.


It is a common mistake of many of the present-day teachers of the new interpretations of life relating to the mind and spirit, to hold that since God, the Divine Principle, is Love, Truth and Wisdom, we may, by emulating him, meditating and attempting to realize our one-ness with him, attain a realization of wisdom, perfection and bliss.


It is obvious that such extreme ideas pervert the facts and are misleading in that they attempt to establish a short cut from a state of ignorance to a condition of perfection. This, however, is as impossible as it would be to teach a child in kindergarten the university curriculum. Such an effort would be futile and would necessarily result in failure, since the intelligence of a child has not as yet unfolded its faculties sufficiently to comprehend higher learning.


As it is impossible for the perception of a child to grasp advanced university subjects so likewise is it impossible for the undeveloped mind to intelligently perceive in fullness the nature of the Divine Principle, although mere emotions are often mistaken for understanding, which is only attained through experience and reason.


Therefore it behooves us to recognize first principles and appreciate the wisdom of the Divine Mind in ordering matters so that wisdom cannot be implanted but must be attained, step by step, through experience.


One of the aims in establishing the Constitution of the United States was to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves." Yet one of the consequences of this liberty has been the growth of so vast a number of conflicting schools of thought that the resultant confusion has become detrimental.





A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. So many are at the present time carried off their feet by the various schools which presume to teach their devotees how to "live on a higher plane," or "attain mastery by overcoming" and subduing the natural physical requirements.


Mystic practices are advocated which keep the system in a nervous tension and thereby interfere with the natural functions of the mind and body. Meditation is advised, dark circles are attended for "development," sitting in the silence is practiced, and diet is restricted according to dietary fads which often exclude food elements necessary for the well-being of the body.


The purpose of such devotees is to liberate themselves from the supposed contaminating physical elements in certain foods, to spiritualize themselves by abstaining from the grosser things belonging to the physical plane and asserted mischievous mortal-mindedness and thereby presumably to realize the "I AM" within.


While these practices are carried on with the beat of intentions they are too often fraught with baneful and distressing consequences, being founded, as they generally are, on mere sentiment, instead of reason and understanding of nature's wonderful plan, and frequently result in all manner of mental aberrations, delusions and insanity. "The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink." (Romans 14:17.)


The tendency of such practices is to produce negativism, a condition of self­hypnosis and an undue sensitiveness to influences from outside sources. The devotees may receive "inspirations," and even hear voices which are presumed to originate from Christ or God, but being ignorant of psychic laws and facts they may not realize that these are usually only deceptions instigated by ignorant or mischievous discarnated entities who parade as "Masters," Christ or God himself in order to attract attention.


Without reason or judgment the victims blindly follow the dictates of these voices and false inspirers which often lead them into the most absurd notions and practices in the belief that they are carrying out the mandates of "Great Masters," or "The Lord," but which only too frequently result in suicide, crime and insanity.





That these conditions prevail is not mere theory but revealed facts which our many years of research in normal and abnormal psychology have abundantly verified.


The Unity School of Christianity publishes the following statement: "Evil spirits do not have any power in Truth, because they do not exist in Truth at all... All obsessions, dual personalities, and all mental aberrations of that character, are the result of personal error thoughts crystallizing around the will of the man. This crystallization must be broken up by a focalized thought energy of greater power, such as is found in the Christ I AM... Affirm your unity with the Christ I AM; then silently, or audibly if you are so moved, speak the word of rebuke directly to the false personality."


If "evil spirits do not exist" and are only "personal error thoughts," what was it that Jesus commanded to "come out" of the "man with an unclean spirit" and "enter into the swine" causing the latter to "run down a steep place into the sea"? (Mark 5:2-13.)


If obsession were only a "crystallized error thought" how account for the fact that such an "error" has more than once been transferred from a suffering devotee of Unity to a psychic sensitive, whereupon this "error" has proven to be a discarnated human entity, often entirely ignorant of being such, whose identity has been verified?


In our research work we have frequently contacted followers of Unity, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy and kindred movements who, by following the advocated practices of "silent affirmations," "affirming unity with the Christ I AM," "meditating," etc., had become highly sensitized and thus subject to interference by ignorant or cunning spirits. These spirits were often eager to play any part to please the devotees causing the latter to believe they had attained the "Great I AM," "the Christ within" state, or had contacted a "Master," when in reality they were only receptive to spirits who were dominating them.


A teacher of a "Higher Philosophy" movement closely allied with Unity became very sensitive to spirit impressions and, while at first believing these to be revelations from the "highest sources," finally was so tormented by spirits that





she was unable to find relief from the intense pains which caused continual suffering, especially on the right side of the head. She came to us for help and after several static treatments a spirit was removed who later controlled Mrs. Wickland and claimed to be a "Teacher of the Highest," a "Prophet of the Purple Order" and even "Allah" himself! When the spirit assumed control of the psychic he leaned forward, hand on right side of head, moaning as if in pain.


Spirit                My head!

Dr. Wickland What is the matter with your head?

Sp.                  I am very sick.

Dr.                  You must forget your old habits. You evidently carried the idea of

former sickness in your mind. You are no longer sick.

Sp.                  I am sick and I want to lie down. I am a wonderful student. I

belong to the Highest.

Dr.                  How high are you?

Sp.      You should understand the higher things. You should not associate with anyone who does not understand. Dr.            How else can we learn?

Sp.      You must have your own little group because the outside world is so ignorant. Few understand the higher life. Dr.            Who are you?

Sp.                  I am a Prophet! I do not have anything to do with earthly things; they belong to the mortal mind.

Dr.                  What is your philosophy?

Sp.                  You would not understand. What is the use of throwing pearls before swine? (Placing hands in an attitude of prayer.)

Dr.                  To what order do you belong?

Sp. To the Order of the Sacred Flame. I am on the Rainbow Path of the Soul. I belong to the Purple Order. (The patient usually wore purple.)

Dr.                  Is that higher than the White Brotherhood?





Sp.            Yes, the Purple Order is the highest.

Dr.             You must have been with a lady who was here today.

Sp.            That dear, little loving girl! She is my soul-mate.

Dr.             Is that so? Does she know it?

Sp.            I do not know, but some day she will. I have recently had a terrible

experience. When you want to climb to the Highest of the Holies you

have to sacrifice; you have to go through fire. I had that today.

Dr.             The one you call your soul-mate had that "fire." (Static electricity.)

Sp.            My soul-mate did not like it. The fire was like lightning.

Dr.             If you are so great why didn't you dodge that fire?

Sp.            That belongs to the physical.

Dr. The lady had that "fire" because you bothered her head too much. She complained of pains on the right side of her head. You are only a fake prophet.

Sp.            You do not know anything about it. (Making strange gestures.) Dr.  What is this mystic rite?

Sp.            I say to you, "Get out of here!"

Dr.             Who are you?

Sp.            I am Allah!

Dr.             How long have you been dead?

Sp.            I will not talk to you any more. I am going to a higher and more

glorious life. You want to know who I am? I am like the sun's rays! Dr.         Yes, we can all see through you. You only brought trouble to that lady.

Sp.            She is a teacher of the highest order. You should be glad she comes

here. She will soon be such that no earthly man or woman can talk to


Dr.            How do you explain the fact that she comes here to get rid of these things that bother her head?





She suffers so much that she does not know what to do. Sp. She is very high.

Dr.            You impress her with that idea. Are you not ashamed to torment that poor woman?

Sp.            I belong to the Holy Order.

Dr.             You say you are a man?

Sp.            Of course I am a man.

Dr.            Then how do you happen to be wearing a dress? (Referring to Mrs. Wickland's dress.)

Sp.            I do not like this dress.

Dr.             (Holding mirror before spirit.) Do you recognize that face? Sp.         That is not my face.

Dr.             The lips move when you speak.

Sp. You can't fool me. I am a man of the Highest Degree.

Dr. What benefit do you derive from bothering that lady?

Sp.            (With upturned face.) Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah! I do not know

where I am but I have never been in such a low region. You have no


Dr.             We try to apply common sense to all our view points.

Sp.            I am a Teacher and I am teaching in the Holy of Holies. Dr.    What is your name?

Sp.            Samoyah.

Dr.            Don't you realize we can see through all this pretense? Why not listen to reason?

Sp.            I would not care to listen.

Dr.            You know you are nothing but a fraud. You are now talking through a woman's body. We do not see you, we only hear you talk.

Sp.            I do not like to be killed by such fire as I had.





Dr. That was an electrical treatment, but I did not give that treatment to you; I gave it to the lady to help her get rid of you. She comes here of her own free will. She has tried everything imaginable to free herself from the condition that troubles her. We "fired" you out. Do you realize you have lost your physical body, or do you think you are in the physical?

Sp.            No.

Dr.             Are you in the physical or spirit world?

Sp. I am in the Understanding. I come to the physical to teach the poor people. That lady gives lessons; she is a marvelous healer. She can heal everyone who is sick.

Dr.             What business is that of yours?

Sp.            I am her helper.

Dr. That lady has gone to many healers to rid herself of her tormentors. She wants relief. That is why she is coming here. How can you explain that?

Sp.            I was taken away and sent to a prison.

Dr.             Intelligent spirits took you away from her and now you have been

brought here that we may cause you to realize your true condition. You

are so-called dead and have lost your physical body. Sp.      (Loftily.) I am a Teacher.

Dr.            You are self-hypnotized by foolish ideas. You know in your heart that you are a pretender.

Sp.            I have studied a great deal. I will have nothing to do with you.

Dr.             Intelligent spirits brought you here to make you understand your folly.

You are an earthbound spirit and have been troubling that lady. We are

trying to bring you to a realization of your condition.

Sp.            (Angrily.) I will not have anything to do with you—no, I will not!





As the spirit could not be brought to an understanding he was taken away by advanced spirits. In later letters from the patient she stated that she was relieved from her former suffering.



A prominent leader of the Unity movement consulted us about his son, a young man who had become so erratic and unruly that he had been placed in a sanitarium where it had been necessary to use forcible measures of restraint.


We concentrated for the patient, knowing that our Co-Workers, the Mercy Band of Spirit Forces, would do whatever was possible to relieve the young man. Shortly thereafter our Invisible Helpers dislodged from the patient a stubborn, boastful spirit who, speaking through Mrs. Wickland, loudly asserted that he was a "Teacher of Unity and Higher Philosophy" and as such should not have been disturbed.


Spirit               I do not like being brought here. I am a Holy Man. I belong to Unity. I am a Teacher.

Dr. Wickland What do you teach?

Sp.                  What you do not know. I am teaching higher and purer philosophy. I travel in the astral. You only travel in the sphere of ignorance.

Dr.                  How long have you been dead?

Sp.                  I am not dead. I have a fine, beautiful, high mind.

Dr.                  You have all the earmarks of a faking spirit.

Sp.                  You must be made pure and good.

Dr.                  From where did you come?

Sp.                  I have been doing a great deal for Unity by talking. I am a holy Unity man. Unity is doing wonderful work.

Dr.                  What were your latest experiences?





Sp.            They put me away temporarily. (Referring to patient having been placed in sanitarium.)

Dr.             How could they do that to such a wonderful man as you say you are?

Sp.            I got in with people who have malicious animal magnetism. I fought

because they restrained me. I thought I would scare them. They put me

in a straight-jacket.

Dr.             That was a strange situation.

Sp.            Once I thought I had power over matter.

Dr.             Have you found you were mistaken?

Sp.            Matter is only thoughts.

Dr.             Then the straight-jacket must have existed only in your state of mind.

Sp.            You must get understanding.

Dr.             We understand that you are dead, and are a pretending spirit.

Sp.            (Indignantly.) Why, I am wonderful!

Dr.             You are so wonderful you cannot even control yourself.

Sp.            I wish you could see how wonderful I am!

Dr.            You have been controlling a young man and disturbing him so that he had to be sent to a sanitarium.

Sp.            His father is one of the finest teachers. We all have beautiful conditions.

Dr.             Have they been beautiful lately?

Sp.            No, we could not get through the evil thoughts. I was sent to a sanitarium.

Dr. A young man was sent to a sanitarium because you, as a selfish, earthbound spirit, were controlling him. He wore a straight-jacket. You made him act as if he were insane.

SP.            How dare you talk to me like that? I am out in                             the astral!

Dr.            Do you know that you have severed the connection with your physical body?





Sp.            I am in the astral!

Dr.             Be honest with yourself.


As the spirit would not listen to reason he was taken away by the intelligent spirits. Later the mother of the young man informed us that her son was again well and normal and had returned home.


An elderly man, who had followed occult studies for many years and was a firm believer in reincarnation, had become subject to strange seizures during which he was unable to walk upright but crawled about on the floor. When he was brought to us and assisted from the automobile he immediately dropped to his hands and knees and crawled swiftly into the reception room.


After being seated, he conversed with more than ordinary intelligence but declared he had reincarnated many times, always to be bothered by spirits, and when questioned as to his extraordinary method of locomotion, invariably replied, "That is a secret." However, following a static electrical treatment he walked in normal manner and unaided from the room, having been freed from an obsessing spirit who had prompted his unusual behavior.


At a subsequent seance Mrs. Wickland became controlled by this spirit who at once attempted to crawl about the room but was restrained and placed in a chair.


Dr. Wickland What is the matter? Can't you walk upright? Spirit            I am a Great Teacher!

Ques.              No one ever heard of a teacher crawling on his hands and feet.

Sp.                  You do not understand. That is part of a religious ceremony. You

do not understand the higher philosophy of life. Ques.     Will you expound that philosophy to us?





Sp.            When you have gone to a higher state you have to crawl like a dog. I have been to earth a thou sand times.

Ques.        It does not seem that you have made much progress if you have to come back as a dog.

Sp.            That has to be understood. I am the Light and the Way!

Ques.         And still you walk like a dog?

Sp.            I did that many years ago.

Dr. We have a patient who walks on his hands and feet; he says he understands the mystic, and the reason spirits bother him is a secret which others do not know.

SP. Very few do. You have to come into that state like I did. You will all crawl as I do, and if you have done some wrong during your life you will get down on your hands and feet when you want to walk.

I am coming back to teach and preach to the people who are ignorant and do not understand life. They must learn the laws that govern the mysteries of this earth.

Dr.             If everyone crawled on his hands and feet, what would be the result?

Sp. That all belongs to the wonderful mystery of life. I am a philosopher. You cannot mention the name of a Teacher because it is a secret. I am whatever you think. I am a Master and have advanced to the Highest of the High.

Dr.             You are not fooling anybody but yourself.

Sp.            I will have to pray for you and then teach you the mystery of life.

Ques.         Will we have to crawl on our hands and knees?

Sp. You will have to be lower than a dog. A dog is faithful and we have to learn the faithfulness of a dog. I am a wonderful Master! I have reincarnated on earth time after time, a thousand times, to teach ignorant people that they know nothing about the whole mystery of life.





Dr.             You are "dead" and do not know it.

Sp.            Dead?

Dr.            So-called dead. How did you get away from the man who crawls around?

Sp.            I got some kind of a shock and could not stand it. (Static electrical treatment given patient.)

Dr.            That was static electricity. As a "master" you should have been able to withstand that.

Sp. I came too close to matter; I felt that terrible shock. I will tell you, you will have to go through a great deal for giving a Master that shock. You will go down like Lucifer for that! The time will come when you will crawl like an insect.None of you know the secret of life. I have to teach people to know the faithfulness of a dog. I have reincarnated many, many times to show people how ignorant they are. They do not understand and they will not.

Dr. When you say you have reincarnated many times, no doubt you mean you have obsessed many persons and made them insane. That has been your reincarnation. Because of you, many have been sent to the asylum.

Sp.            I will tell you, if they have it is their own fault. They should have developed a higher under standing of God.

Dr. You interfered with their mental action and they were sent to the asylum because they did not act in a natural manner. You controlled the man who was here the other day.

Sp.            He is happy to crawl because he is going through his incarnation.

Dr.             How could he be happy having some one like you attached to him?

Sp.            (Angrily.) How dare you? You will be still lower than an insect!

Dr.             You only pretend to be a "master."

Sp.            (Bombastically.) I am One of the Mightiest.





Dr.             What is your name?

Sp.            That is a secret. My name you do not need to know. I am far above names.

Dr.             We call you a fraud and a prevaricator.

Sp.            I will tell you, you will go down and be a pig

Dr.             You are so-called dead and do not know it.

Sp.            You will have to reincarnate ten thousand times before you can

understand the secret of our doctrine.

Dr. How do you happen to be here in a woman's body and wearing a dress? Look at this hand (lifting hand of psychic); it does not belong to you.

SP.            I do not argue with anyone.

Dr.            (Holding up mirror.) Do you recognize that face? Does it look like that of a "master"?

Sp.   I have reincarnated a thousand times and I suppose I am now a woman. I reincarnated as a dog, and now I am a woman. Dr.          Wake up to the facts.

Sp.            I am awake, and I am as smart as you think you are.

Dr.             Why can't you be honest with yourself?

Sp.            I am.

Dr.             You are nothing but a fraud.

Sp.            You don't know me. My name is not given to those who do not understand the law.

Dr.             Did you have a family?

Sp.            No, I never married. I was a Master, and I gave myself up to wonderful things.

Dr.             Where was this?

Sp.            I was a Master in Calcutta.

Dr.             Where do you think you are now?

SP. I am here, I suppose, because during my life I did things I should not have done. But it makes no difference. I am a Master, and I have to go through all manner of experiences so I will know the Law of Nature.





Dr.             How did you travel?

Sp. By mind. After you have learned to control matter you can go through matter and that is what all should do. The spell was broken when I had that electricity on my back. It was terrible!

Dr.            It dislodged you from that man. Are you not ashamed to make a man act as he did?

Sp.            I have done nothing. I am next to Jesus Christ. I am above him. I have reincarnated many times but he has not. He has yet to come back.

Dr. You have been obsessing people and making them become demented. The gentleman who came to my office the other day came in on his hands and feet.

Sp. He can walk but I will not allow him to do so. He has to learn the lesson of faithfulness to me. I want him to be a dog and learn to serve me. That is the real reason I made him crawl.

Dr.             Why should be serve you? Did you crawl for somebody?

Sp. I used to fly. (Travel as a spirit.) I have learned to overcome matter. I am next to God! Don't you give any more of those electric sparks to that man.

Dr.             They freed him of you.

Sp.            (Threateningly.) I will make you as little as a small grasshopper!

Dr.             You are only an ignorant spirit.

Sp.            I have studied philosophy.

Dr.            Your mind became twisted. You do not even know you have lost your physical body.

Sp. I have not lost my physical body; I have con trolled matter. But I tell you I do not want any more of that electricity. Why should you punish me like that?

Dr.             To bring you to your senses and make you leave that man alone.

Sp.            He is a student and I am his Teacher.





Dr.             He is sixty-seven years old. Why do you make him walk as he does?

Sp.            He has to learn to be humble. I want him to crucify matter and be like a dog—to crawl.

Dr.             That is not natural.

Sp.            There are many who have reincarnated a thousand times or more.

Dr.            By becoming obsessing spirits like yourself. Be honest and face facts. Be sensible and sincere.

Sp.            (Cringing from a sight invisible to mortal eyes.) Oh—Oh! (Covering

face with hands.) See them! I don't want to have anything to do with

that crowd. (Spirits accusing him of having misled them.) Dr. Listen to what those people have to say.

Sp.            (Overwhelmed.) I know—I know. I know you, and you, and you! Dr.         Face your mistakes.

Sp.            No, no, I cannot!

Dr.             You cannot be a coward. You will have to correct your mistakes. What

did you do that you should fear these people?

Sp.            So many of them—they shout at me, "You have ruined our lives!" Dr.           Why did you do that?

Sp.            Because I wanted to be a great Teacher.

Dr.            You have played the part of the blind leading the blind. You do not even understand yourself. How could you teach others?

Sp. (To invisibles.) I see now what I have not seen before. I held classes and collected a great deal of money by fooling poor, deluded victims. Some of them would crawl up trees. I finally ran away from it all. (Distressed.) Do not come here! I cannot stand it! Look at all those people! They are all accusing me. I cannot endure this. (Writhing in mental agony.)





Dr.            Listen to intelligent spirits who will help you and teach you how to overcome your mistakes.

Sp.            Why did you wake me up?

Dr.             To bring you to a realization of the truth.

Sp.            I wish I could hide myself from all these accusers.

Dr.             Intelligent spirit friends will help you and teach you.

Sp.            I was very selfish. (Seeing an invisible.) That poor woman! I took all

the money she had and the last I heard of her was that she had been put

in an asylum. I told her I must have all her money if she wanted to be a

Master. Oh—I can't stand it any longer!

Dr.             Conscience is a terrible accuser.

Sp. Look at that poor crippled man! I took all his money and told him I would cure him. Take them all away; I can't stand any more! (Seeing another spirit.) Mother, mother! Please do not come here!

Dr.             She does not accuse you; she comes to help you.

Sp. I condemned her because she would not listen to me. I took all her money and left her. Oh, mother!She says, "John, John!" Oh, mother,           can           you          ever          forgive            me? She says that gradually I shall have to help those whom I have harmed. (Abjectly.) Mother, I feel I am nothing—nothing! She says I have obsessed one person after another. Oh, see what I have done! Mother, I will leave reincarnation alone after this.

Dr.             Evidently when you left your body you did not know anything about it.

Sp. In a way I was buried alive. I was a demonstrator and allowed myself to be buried alive many times, but one time I did not come back to physical life. They buried my physical body but I was still alive (a spirit) and went from one





place to another. After that, I became a "Master"—a pretender. That was in Calcutta, India. From there I went to New York. Dr.    How long ago was that?

Sp.            About 1882.

Dr.             That is a long time ago.

Sp.            I told you I have reincarnated many, many times.

Dr.            You have been obsessing and controlling people; you unbalanced them.

Sp.            I have been with that man (patient) a very long time.

Dr.             He is sixty-seven years old and has been bothered nearly all his life.

Sp.            I have been with him many years. Once in a while I left him to go to

some one else. I liked to reincarnate.

Dr.             That was only obsession.

Sp.            Mother take me away; I am so tired. I have no power any more.

Dr.            Be brave and acquire understanding, then you can help those you have harmed. Intelligent spirits will aid you.

Sp.            I am going. Good-bye.

Such practices as meditation and striving to attain the "Christ Spirit" or "Mastership" are largely a condition of self-hypnosis; this too frequently brings about a negative dream state conducive to interference by discarnated spirits which not only leads to most unfortunate results but also stunts the faculties for thinking and reasoning with which the mind is imbued.


Reason, the guide on the pathway of life, is ignored and no analysis is made of the true principle of the Divine; such enthusiasts are merely followers of blind faith.





"Know then that salvation is not attained by uttering mantrams, nor by the burning of incense, or observing thousands of fasts. Until the incarnated soul knows that he is divine he cannot attain salvation." (Mahanirvana Tantra.)


We should have more than only faith in the Divine or a mere belief in immortality; we should analyze ourselves, our faculties and our relationship to the Great Purpose of Life and thus attune ourselves and sensitize our minds, not by id sitting in the silence" and dreaming, nor by "meditating" and making unnecessary self-denials, but by thinking and by research in nature; thus we can gradually discern in and through all things a design, which implies a Designer. "Nature is the only book that teems with meaning on every page," said Goethe.


To realize Nature's Purpose does not mean the false conception which many entertain of "attaining spirituality," "realizing the I AM within," "attaining unity with the Christ I AM," etc. The ocean of life, in which we live and move and have our being, is Intelligence, all wonderfully, beautifully and clearly manifested in the physical nature. By comprehending that the thinking faculty, the self­conscious "Something" within us, is the real mind, or ego, that the physical body is only the outer tabernacle through which we develop expression, we gradually unfold mental discernment. "Mind is the Man"; "I think, therefore I am"; "I am a spirit here and hereafter."


The real life is the mind or soul life, not dependent upon cold creed, but to be realized in one's own inner self, this realization culminating in an understanding of ourselves as an integral part of the Great Creative Scheme. When we can catch the vibrations radiating from the minds of those advanced Intelligences in the spirit world who constantly send out their thoughts to benefit humanity, our perspective of life will be broadened and our souls will then become illumined.


But we must not fail to remember the admonition, "Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (I John 4:1.)