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Questions Answered Extempore by Miss Emma Hardinge 1866


Question 1


WHAT do you understand by the term “spiritual atmosphere,” as used by mediums? Does it imply the spiritual body or the proceeding therefrom?




IN attempting to define the terms used by mediums we must remember that they apply phrases wholly new to themselves, because the ideas they seek to represent are unprecedented in their experience. Hence, when they would describe the aura given off by every substance in nature, this, as a magnetic essence, is perceived by the clairvoyant, who represents it in speech sometimes as a “sphere, an aura, or a spiritual atmosphere.” It is in reality a magnetic atmosphere, and corresponds to the emanations that proceed from all bodies in space, as well as from human and other material forms. It is one of the laws of matter that all atoms move between two forces; the centripedal - attractive or gravitative, which draws all matter to a common centre; and the centrifugal - repulsive or radiative force which throws off the most sublimated portions of matter from the centre to the circumference; and the exceedingly fine particles which form the strata of atmosphere around all bodies, together with the yet more sublimated aroma gathering in and flying off from various material forms, constitute what mediums call the spiritual or magnetic sphere - an atmosphere that by attraction surrounds, and by repulsion emanates from all bodies. If you desire further information on this subject you must represent your wish in another question. We answer simply this one with reference to the definition of the term.


Question 2  January 22nd, 1866