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Questions Answered Extempore by Miss Emma Hardinge 1866


Question 3


IT is asserted that the phenomena of the Bible and of modern Spiritualism are identical in kind and differ only in degree; if this be so, why should the former, that is the Bible phenomena, be regarded as the direct teaching of the Great Spirit, and accepted as authoritative, and the latter not so?




WE recommend your querist to address himself to those who claim the special authority of the older revelation. No such claim is made in this chamber, and therefore we should be compelled to beg the question ere we answered it. As we present from this rostrum the affirmative only of your question, should you not suggest it to those who deny our truth? Ask your soul’s teachers to respond to you. Ask those whom you pay, educate, sustain, and maintain in your midst, for the express purpose of resolving such points of doctrine as this. We say there is neither difference in degree, kind, quality, nor origin between any spiritual manifestation of any age, except in the mode of its representation, in the technical phraseology wherein it is recorded, or in some merely local mode of making the record. Examine the facts of the phenomena of Spiritualism in every age, and you will find that they resolve themselves into all the simple classifications rendered familiar to you at the modern spirit-circle. We find that the element of magnetism, of which we have discoursed so largely, is the force by which the phenomena are made. The soul or spirit within man, and the soul which has already become enfranchised from matter, are the agents; while the scientific assimilation of the spiritual body of the disembodied and of the embodied souls, in the form of magnetic rapport, are the means by which the entire phenomena are produced. Magnetism and psychology are the two great pillars that support the temple of modern Spiritualism. Enter within its gates, and you will find there are “differences of administration, but the same spirit.” We should be happy to pass over this query to any of the churches of your city, and not alone to place it in the hands of your elected teachers, but to compel them to render an answer, and to demonstrate proofs of that answer, coherent with fact, law, science, reason, and religion - and to render it too as publicly as we are ready to render ours.


Question 4  January 22nd, 1866