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The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos by Austin Osman Spare 1886 - 1956



Thou lambent spirit of Erh!

Thou hast kindled the sacred fire from dead ashes, so my torch lightens all darknesses.

Thou hast become the fulcrum of my will.

Everlastingly in Thee I know not respite:

Except in the sensuous impact of flesh, there are no meanings.

Thou hast awakened me into eternities.

Thou makest all things beautiful unto the grotesque.

Whom thou succour hath no sterility.

I am reborn and reborn into desirous becomings:

I have recreated my Soul by birthing pleasure.

Through Thee my will, desire, belief and word become the law

That carries me into the Catastrophic beyond becoming:

Thou the emissary of Neither-Neither!

Ever Silent Watcher! Thou hast shown me the new sexualities

And all the mysteries of the Threshold!

Only Thee I adore in my Soul and my everlasting body.