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Meditation Two

Meditation is a discipline or practice of contemplation or awareness found in most of the world's major religions. It is not a treatment in the usual medical sense. Meditation is, however, frequently recommended


How To Meditate

The first thing one needs to do is find a safe, quiet space where one will not be disturbed. (Meditation in bed is not recommended.) Sometimes people use a meditation cushion to sit on


Tree Meditation

Trees are a treasured source of energy for practicing meditation. The solidity of a tree, its roots connecting it with the energy of the earth, is a quality that is emulated by the practitioner. One has only to look


Meditation: Why Bother?

Meditation is not easy. It takes time and it takes energy. It also takes grit, determination and discipline. It is certainly a great deal easier just to kick back and watch television. So why bother?


Basic Meditation

Begin by sitting in a simple chair, keeping your back erect if you can. The more traditional postures are the lotus position, sitting on a pillow with each foot upon the opposite thigh, and variations such


Meditation and Beyond

Before you plunge in to this material, a word of advice. If you try any of these techniques and "don't feel anything", relax. It doesn't mean that your efforts are for naught. In fact if you keep practicing the techniques,


River of Life Meditation

Find a comfortable place where you can relax and be completely quiet...relax...allow your thoughts now to just come and go...come and go...and take a deep breath in and hold it...(pause) gather up the tension in your body, and release it as you


Meditation One

There are many different ways to meditate. Some people use meditation to clear their mind of all thoughts, while others use it to help solve problems. Either way is fine. If used regularly, you will see that meditation helps reduce


Meditation Handbook

Most dictionaries define the Western (Jewish, Christian, Islamic) meaning of the word 'meditation,' but usually do not describe the Eastern (Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist) concept of meditation. The most appropriate dictionary definition I could find